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A Lifetime of Leadership for Kentucky
Fourth District
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Social Security

Geoff Davis has firsthand experience with the importance of Social Security benefits. As a child, Geoff’s stepfather passed away, and the small survivor benefit that he and his mother received were often the difference in their making it each month.

Geoff Davis believes we must keep our promise to seniors. Central to his belief, we must demand that there will be:

  • No decrease in benefits to current or near-term retirees.
  • No change in disability or survivor benefits.
  • No increase in payroll taxes.
  • No increase in the retirement age.

    Geoff Davis will push for a comprehensive, non-partisan, national dialogue on where we want Social Security to be in 20 or 30 years. Geoff Davis believes the best way to save Social Security is to keep our economy growing and creating more jobs.

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