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A Lifetime of Leadership for Kentucky
Fourth District
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Economy & Jobs

The last twelve years of Geoff’s professional life have been spent helping companies. As a manufacturing consultant Geoff’s clients have included small businesses, as well as very large corporations. In his business, Geoff’s primary objective is to advise his clients how to produce goods and services more efficiently, providing manufacturers with higher margins, more job opportunities, and a more competitive outlook.

Geoff believes Congress should take the following actions to improve our economy and create more jobs:

  • Make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent. Our economy is beginning to improve. In the third and fourth quarters of 2003, we saw significant GDP growth. President Bush has proven once again that the American people can spend and invest their money more wisely than can the government.
  • Reduce deficit spending. Our government spends too much. We need to keep deficits low and balance the federal budget. That will allow us to keep interest rates low, and our economy will grow. We must prioritize government spending to cut out pork projects and invest in infrastructure to create jobs now and lay the foundation for future economic expansion.
  • Reduce government regulation of small businesses. Most people in Kentucky’s 4th District are employed by small businesses. Government regulations are too costly and create a heavy burden for men and women trying to build a successful business. My friend who owns a local dry-cleaning company should not be held to the same standards as a large multi-national corporation with thousands of employees. We must make regulations based on sound science, and also on common sense.
  • End the double-taxation of dividends. Half of all dividend income goes to America’s seniors, who often rely on those checks for a steady source of retirement income.
  • Lower the cost of healthcare. Congress needs to take action to make health insurance coverage more affordable for small businesses covering their employees. Read more under my plans for healthcare.

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