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A Lifetime of Leadership for Kentucky
Fourth District
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Personal Statement on Sanctity of Life Issues

I believe that life begins at conception and that all human life is precious, regardless of age, infirmity, or impairment.

Human Life Amendment
I support the concept of a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which would codify the personhood of all people from the moment of conception/fertilization until their natural deaths.

I will support legislation that will make it a criminal offense to perform, assist, or pay for surgical or chemical abortion on another person, while not prohibiting those necessary medical procedures required to prevent the death of the mother (e.g. ectopic pregnancy).

Scientific Research Using Tissue or Genetic Material Derived From Human Life
I will actively support legislation preventing the use of tissue and organs from deliberately aborted children, the use or destruction of live human embryos for the purpose of extracting stem cells for transplants or medical experimentation, or the use of human cloning in any form. Moreover, I do not and will not support the public funding of any of the aforementioned activities.

Public Funding For Abortion
I will actively oppose and vote against legislation mandating health insurance coverage for chemical or surgical abortion or for the dispensation of any drugs or medication whose specific purpose is to terminate a pregnancy by causing the death of the child whether born or unborn. I do not and will not support the use of public money in any form to fund such activities.

I will actively oppose all legislation that would allow the withdrawal of food and water, whether taken by mouth or intravenously, from an infant, incompetent, comatose, handicapped, disabled, or otherwise helpless person, except in the case where the person’s death is imminent and the patient cannot assimilate food or water by any means. I will actively support legislation to prevent euthanasia and “assisted suicide.”

People With Special Needs/ Handicaps
I will actively support legislation requiring the same standard of medical care and treatment for handicapped persons. Furthermore, I will work to assure that all decisions regarding treatment for a handicapped or otherwise disabled person must be made strictly on medical grounds and not on subjective interpretations regarding a person’s potential “quality of life.”

Allocating Public Funds For Abortion
I will actively support legislation that prohibits the use of any federal, state, local, or publicly appropriated monies that provide funding in support of physical abortion or chemical abortion, including any combination of medications, drugs or chemicals whose specific purpose is to terminate a pregnancy by causing the death of the child whether born or unborn.

Nomination, Confirmation, Approval Of Officials
I will only nominate, support, or confirm persons to agencies, boards, or committees which oversee policies regarding human life if those persons refuse to perform abortions or euthanasia, refuse to encourage abortions or euthanasia, refuse to fund abortions or euthanasia, or refuse to refer others for abortions or euthanasia. Moreover, I will only nominate persons who will refuse to empower, fund, or support any governmental or private agency that would seek to perform, counsel, refer, encourage, or fund physical or chemical abortion or euthanasia.

Public Record Of Decisions
I will always take the initiative to seek a recorded vote on all Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion legislation, whether by discharge petition, or whatever appropriate parliamentary practice is in use to make a public record of each legislator’s decision and position.

Endorsement Of Candidates Or Officials
I will not knowingly endorse any candidate for a public office which deals with policies regarding abortion or euthanasia who publicly states acceptance or approval of the current status of legalized abortion, who is a supporter of legalizing “assisted suicide,” who fails to disclose his/her position on the issue of abortion or euthanasia, or who has a record of public support of abortion or euthanasia.

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